About dadogaldieri.org

Dado Galdieri is a multilingual photographer and photo editor based in Rio de Janeiro focusing his visual exploration in five different yet interconnected areas of the human experience in the American continent: Man and the environment, Drugs and obsessive-compulsive behavior, Religion as a social control device, Land and the limits of our growth, Native Peoples and their ways of living.


I have worked for The Associated Press for nearly a decade in almost all countries in Latin America. I call it my photojournalism school.

Now I document the demographically overwhelmed environment, the integration of native peoples to a globalized society, the social control role of the religion, the abuse and utilization of drugs and the land we use to raise our food and children. They are intertwined areas of our common human experience and my raw material.

The American continent, for the geographical, historic and surreal reasons of having all the elements so mixed and vibrant, the place that I work.

Personally I focus on feature stories resulting from the interaction with people I meet in my life, the chaotic writing of a dream diary and from insights coming out of background information I use to orient my own intellectual development.

My pictures aim at raising discussions over how we treat other people, our world and ourselves in our dubious and needed quest for happiness. 

I am an independent photographer distributing  exclusive material through mainstream media and alternative distribution channels.

Editorially, my pictures are ran by international affairs magazines, global newspapers, travel magazines and anthropological essays.

Commercially I have been taking travel and corporate assignments for eco-friendly companies, NGOs and anthropologists.

I collaborate or have had my pictures published through  The Associated Press, Sunday Times Magazine, National Geographic, Folha de São Paulo, Dagens Nyheter, WWF, Cafod, Bloomberg News, NBC and others.

I am a slow pace, self-sufficient and lone photographer who likes to document subjects that are sometimes forgotten by the big media.

My practice includes spending time with people, gaining access to their lives and then spending more time with them. When I find a person that introduces me to the core of a story I stick to this person, it is normal that we become friends. Then I start documenting.